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Each member of our leadership team has personally experienced the challenges and competing business and human interests involved in building and inspiring a productive team. We know how to help you develop your talent more effectively. We can work with organizations of all sizes and business life cycles – from startups to middle market businesses and large enterprises to global powerhouses. Founded by a proven CIO, Restyn has solved the hiring, team-building and retention challenges you face.

We create customized, on-demand human capital answers.

Our flexible staffing solutions are composed of individuals who are driven to exceed your expectations and deliver maximum value. Whether you are in search of employees, contractors, or a contingent bench, Restyn delivers a customized, on-demand human capital approach to maximize value. Restyn specializes in:

  • C-Suite Talent Acquisition
  • Flexible Contractor Services
  • Contract To Hire Opportunities
  • Top Talent Direct Placement Services
  • Project-Based and Staff-Augmentation Solutions
  • Workforce Planning and Development

When outside help makes sense, In-Country Outsourcing℠ is our mantra.

We stay within the borders and push the boundaries to take advantage of the highly diverse, extremely educated and very dedicated individuals available across the nation. You’ll appreciate all the extra efficiency that comes from working with in-country talent.

How do you know it's time to bring in an expert?

  • Your current approach to finding talent (whether in-house or third party) is not producing good results.
  • Your internal processes are slow resulting in candidates accepting offers elsewhere.
  • You are too busy to appropriately evaluate opportunities.
  • Your compensation and retirement benefit offerings are not as attractive as your competitors’.
  • Skill and organizational-fit seem like mutually exclusive choices.
  • Candidate “quality of life” expectations and your organizational culture seem mutually exclusive.