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Creating a Competitive Advantage

Your platform, your software, and your systems are more than just a necessary evil, they are an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. If you are struggling to realize the value of the solutions you have invested in, are challenged when trying to leverage the data you create every day, or find yourself lost among a diverse collection of vendors and solutions and in-house projects, then we'd love to help you create a vision, a strategy, a platform, and a future for your business through the more effective use of technology.


Understanding why you have technology is the first step in forming a more effective strategy. Intentionally investing in technology as a key asset for your business requires that you know how technology can serve your business, your employees, and your customers. Embracing technology as more than just a cost center, and converting it into a revenue generating asset is essential in building a vision for the future of your business. Stop spending on technology that doesn't show a return, and start investing in technology that empowers your people to make your business into the best version of itself.


The purpose of technology is to empower people. Understanding why you are choosing the vendors, platforms, systems, and solutions you use to run your business will clarify the quality of your decision making. Technology is not the purpose, people are. Whether you are delivering a product or a service, whether you are B2B or B2C, whether you are a start-up or in the Fortune 50, your business thrives by meeting the needs of people. When you properly align technology to this purpose, your business will discover results that exceed expectations. Restyn is built on the foundation of empowering, developing, and investing in people. We love people and we build technology. Restyn will help you discover how to better fulfill your purpose as a business by using technology to focus on the people.


Have you experienced scope creep? Do you struggle to deliver on time and in budget results? Are your project lifecycles so long that you find the deliverables out of alignment with the state of your business by the time they actually arrive? Do you wish you could put solutions in the hands of your business more rapidly and regularly? Here at Restyn we practice an innovative, integrative, iterative form of Agile project management. We want you to discover value for your business as soon as possible and we want to create a continuous flow of value creation throughout the lifetime of our relationship. Unlike your traditional consultants that will spend an over abundance of time establishing a fabulously detailed and overly concrete scope of work that will be negotiated, renegotiated, changed, and redefined over the course of the project, forcing you to spend more time discussing the scope of work than delivering the work product, Restyn believes that by more tightly integrating with your team, aligning with your business, and pursuing your vision together, we can empower your business through our agile, iterative approach to discover value early and often, allowing you to focus more on running your business and driving results to the bottom line.

Enterprise Solution Creation

It's not just one system, one application, or one software development project that is going to empower your business to become the best version of itself. It is embracing your total enterprise as a whole and choosing tactical steps and strategic directions with an understanding of an architecture for your success. The greatest value you can bring to your business to rationalize your spend, optimize your structure, improve your processes, and empower your people is to embrace a grass-roots driven approach to enterprise solution creation. Working from the foundation of the people who operate your business everyday to bring insight and direction to the greatest opportunities and demands of your business gives you the clarity you need to sort through the noise and the complexity of your technology environment to find or create the best technology for your business. Restyn is ready to help you engage the pain of your current situation and find your way to a better future by connecting the broad view of the enterprise with the individual experiences of your people to create high quality solutions.

Single View of the Truth

Data. Every business has it. Every business creates it. Every business wants better, more actionable insight from it. Here at Restyn we understand the value of your data and want to help you find better ways to get that single view of the truth that you are looking for.

Vendor Selection and Alignment

Are you stuck in indecision or confusion when it comes to finding the best products and services for your business? Have you purchased solutions only to struggle with user adoption and finding a return on your investment? Do you have products that were improperly implemented or never really integrated at all? Restyn can help you cut through the obscurity of your vendor jungle and align the best technology to empower your business to become the best version of itself. We love the challenge of evaluating your current environment, helping you with build or buy decisions, and finding a path forward from whatever dead end you find yourself in today.

Roadmap to Success

Getting stuck in the weeds can be the greatest obstacle for any business. Not having or losing sight of your roadmap can cause you to create and discard solutions, introduce inefficiencies and obstacles to performance, and in general cause you spend money without receiving a positive return on your investment. Core to our mission of helping your business become the best version of itself is the opportunity we see in helping you create and manage your roadmap to success. Combining your vision, your purpose, your process, and your enterprise solution into an actionable plan is essential in converting your strategy into reality. We believe that technology can be an essential part of your platform for success, and we are excited to get involved in helping you discover how your business can become a better version of itself.